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Somalia “Bibi” Brown Presents…

Your Marriage Compass

Now that Essence Festival is done and over with let’s deal with the real reason you needed the girls’ trip!

How is your heart towards your spouse? Is your marriage exactly what you desired it to be? Are you happy in your marriage or are you in that weird space like the seven-year itch? Marriage doesn’t take hard work it takes consistency, persistence and a plan! Yes, you read right, a plan. You have a plan for your college career, your progression towards employee development and if you’ve had a baby, you had a birth plan. So why do you not have a Marriage Blueprint? I’ll let you ponder on this question. If anything I have said has hit your spirit like a ton of bricks then you need to sign up for my highly sought after Wife-Compass Webinar. It is a mini-Marriage Blueprint to help you get your marriage back on track. A marriage with a plan is a marriage destined to succeed and flourish.

The Wife Compass will demand you to be open to possibilities. As you learn to focus more on why you desire a thing, who you are, and what you want, you will walk in the direction of your heart. You will see how critical self-accountability is to your position in your relationship. Having thought-provoking questions to guide or awaken your Wife-Compass breeds success in your goals and transforms your marriage. You’ll feel more accomplished and empowered!
I realize many women desire accountability and organization but not quite to the depth of my expectations. The objective is to implement these steps monthly, stay organized, keep your motives within boundaries and understand your “WHY”.  Once your Wife Compass is awakened and you are feeding and following it, you will learn to embrace imperfect moments in your relationship and handle them with grace. When you extend grace in bonds, which most don’t, it shows your heart towards your spouse. The Wife Compass will be your mirror to have an empowered marriage of significance and success for the Glory of God.