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In July of 2004, Somalia “Bibi” Brown resigned from her job to answer the calling that God had for her life to help woman, married or single, find their voice. Over the years, she has evolved into one of many faces of change equipped with a God-given plan and strategy that has challenged and empowered hundreds of women to reach their fullest potential.

Today, the lives of hundreds of women have been transformed by Bibi Brown’s insight and wise counsel. She is now heralded as the face of total transformation. She is a spiritual mentor and with the help of the Lord, she consistently delivers creative, individualized plans that motivate her clients towards continuous improvement in their personal lives and in their marriage.

Her high content, high quality and high energy ministry is delivered in a down to earth, memorable style that the Lord has birthed through her will transform your life forever!

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Making choices during huge milestones in my life is how God has creatively allowed me to live. I’ve had to choose between collegiate participation of soccer or track, a past familiar relationship or a new uncharted partnership (now happy to call my Husband) and a real-time decision for what I was created to accomplish.

I maneuver effortlessly through daily assignments and am filled with such passion for this that I’m quite lost without it. It’s such a natural fit for me and my spirit that I don’t recall learning my skills. What manifests in the natural is just as comfortable and safe to me.

My life has been about choices. You may ask, “Did she ever choose wrong?” My answer is “No!”  Sometimes I have chosen comfort yet other times, I’ve given in to the desire to pursue unfamiliarity. Either decision has kept me in His Grace. Allow yourself a chance to visualize what automatically flows from your heart and pursue your mission and purpose as a wife – protect your marriage at all cost!

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Somalia “Bibi” Brown

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Coach Bibi’s mission as an expert practitioner, since the year 2004, has been the systematic redesign of the quality of the marital and committed relationships of professional and entrepreneurial women, and in guiding those who are single toward communication formulas that dramatically improve their chances of committing to a healthy relationship.

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Coach Bibi’s life’s purpose is to inspire you to become a better wife, vigilantly praying for your husband and your marriage all the while maintaining your best entrepreneurial foot forward. She teaches you how to unite your man’s spirit completely with God through your prayers; she coaches you on how to have balance, order, and limitation on the home front. As a result of consistently positive word of mouth referrals regarding the proven efficacy of her marital and pre-marital communications formulas. Sometimes from shocked, initially resistant, type A professional women who successfully employed my relationship coaching guidance–her nationwide relationship coaching practice has rapidly expanded to a global practice over the years, in nations as remote as West Africa.
Coach Bibi’s relationship coaching practice, which includes eConference group coaching, as well as coaching via Skype, has recently spanned into digital entertainment. Namely, a new relationship app for both women and men available for download on Google Play and iTunes called Ms. To Mrs. APP. Has a serial entrepreneur Coach Bibi has multiple businesses under her belt, from IMarkets Live, Learn To Multiply Money From Your Smart Phone, Ms. To Mrs. App, Her long-awaited book Pray! Why? What! Call! Where?, and of course her Relationship CoachingPractice.

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