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Stop doing what you want to do and ReSet — restart what God wants you to do!

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transform your life, your marriage or mind

Paradigm: a typical example or pattern of something… a model

In a nutshell, your paradigm is your knee-jerk reaction to a stimulus. It’s how you respond when you don’t have time to think. Your marriage (and communicating with your spouse) might seem downright impossible right now, but I’m here to help you see that while it may not be easy, marriage can be simple!


You are bitter at times and are arguing most days due to constant disagreements. In a split second, you hurt your spouse, or be hurt, by the words you choose and guess what?

It was intentional. 

So how do you change what’s clearly not working in your favor?

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Meet Somalia

Somalia Brown inspires you to become a better wife, a better woman of God, vigilantly praying for your marriage, your life and your purpose.

Coach Bibi is a spiritual mentor equipped with a God-given plan and strategy that challenges and empowers women to reach their fullest potential as a wife and daughter of the Most High. Hundreds have been transformed by her insight and wise counsel.

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