When you said, “I Do” your marriage became your purpose…

Are You Protecting it at ALL Costs?


Bibi Brown inspires you to become a better wife, vigilantly praying for your husband and your marriage. She teaches you how to unite your man’s spirit completely with God through your prayers.

In July of 2007, Somalia “Bibi” Brown resigned from her job to answer the calling that God had for her life to help woman, married or single, find their voice. Over the years, she has evolved into one of many faces of change equipped with a God-given plan and strategy that has challenged and empowered hundreds of women to reach their fullest potential.

Today, the lives of hundreds of women have been transformed by Bibi Brown’s insight and wise counsel. She is now heralded as the face of total transformation. She is a spiritual mentor and with the help of the Lord, she consistently delivers creative, individualized plans that motivate her clients towards continuous improvement in their personal lives and in their marriage.

Her high content, high quality and high energy ministry is delivered in a down to earth, memorable style that the Lord has birthed through her will transform your life forever!

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